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Bane | Bjorn 60ml

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Doesn't a fruit cocktail made from peaches and strawberries sound good right about now? Bjorn is an e liquid that is giving you a tropical feel without you having to leave the comfort of your home while there is a blizzard going on outside.

Bjorn is part of the Bane E Liquid collection and it is demonstrating why these two fruits belong together. The Strawberries will be sweet as can be and the peaches will be ripe as if they were freshly picked from the peach state herself Atlanta, Georgia. When you take a pull of this e liquid, you can feel the peaches burst in making sure you are surprised with a ton amount of flavor right of the back.

The peaches go all over the place before you have even got to the strawberries. Eventually, you begin to get the sweet taste of the strawberries that might give you a little tart flavor but are also giving you a lot of sweetness to go around. As you begin to savor the blend, you realize that the fruit flavors are so powerful that you start to realize you were handed a virgin cocktail.

However, you are not upset about it because it is still very tasty. As it slowly creeps down your throat, you are not receiving much of a throat hit, but you are still getting all the strength this e liquid has to offer. You want to keep drinking this cocktail without stopping, but you also need to breathe. As the exhaling process begins, you can smoothly feel the vapor exiting your mouth and into the air. The clouds are huge, but you love watching them leave and vanish into thin air. They are also leaving behind an aromatic scent, so you are not mad at it.

Bjorn comes in a 60ml chubby gorilla bottle, so you have several cocktails to enjoy before the e liquid is gone.

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