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Bane | Calder 60ml

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This is a blend that is going to make your fruit salad taste like no other. Calder is an interesting mix that gives you exotic fruits with some tropical fruits as well. The main ingredients in this e liquid are dragon fruit and lychee fruit. However, do not expect this e liquid to only surprise you with Asian fruits. They are also giving you tropical fruits that might be difficult to disclose only because the dragon fruit and the lychee might be stealing the show.

When you first take a pull of this e liquid, you can taste the sweetness coming from the dragon fruit and the lychee, which is excellent because the tropical fruits used in this blend have a tart flavor. This blend gives you the sweet and sour combination that a lot of us desire. You may get a couple hints of raspberry and kiwi, but nothing too explosive. As you keep savoring this e liquid, you are also realizing how smooth it is traveling throughout your body and giving you a relaxed sensation. The lychee is making your mouth water because of how fresh it is, and the dragon fruit is making you feel as if you can almost chew on the seeds that are coming with the fruit.

This e liquid may give you the sensation that it is taking over your body, but you show them they are not by exhaling and letting the vapor out. You see the clouds getting bigger and bigger, but you expected this because Calder is a unique blend that gives you an intense amount of taste. You feel the tropical fruits leaving, and then you feel the Asian fruits exiting.

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