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Bane | RITE 60ml

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How about a nice e liquid to give you an amazing creamy sensation to make you feel warm inside? Rite is giving you a blend that is similar to caramel but does not allow you to confuse the two because they both still give you distinctive flavors. Dulce de leche combines milk and sugar to give you a sweet and creamy sensation, whereas caramel combines water and sugar.

When you take a hit of Rite, you can almost instantly get the smooth feeling of the milk traveling around your mouth and down your throat. It may feel as if you are drinking a glass of thick milky drink like eggnog, but not with the same flavor. Some might get the feeling as if they are eating a freshly baked pastry that was glazed with dulce de leche to give it some extra sweetness. The creamy sensation is just one that you do not want to let go of so soon because it is so savory. As you slowly begin to exhale, you get the taste of the creamy dulce de leche leaving your mouth in big thick clouds that smell delicious. You want to taste the clouds, but instead of looking ridiculous licking the air, you grab your vape pen and take another pull.

There is 60ml of Rite e liquid in every chubby gorilla bottle, so you will not have to worry about this creamy feeling leaving you so soon. You may even want to share this experience with others by letting them try some, but then again, maybe you want to keep it all to yourself. Whatever you choose to do, we will not judge, because we know this e liquid may not be like any other creamy e liquid on the market. Dulce de leche is a smooth flavor that Rite did an excellent job providing for us.

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