Just Fog

Just Fog Mini Fit

Are you still using a convenience store e-cigarette with pre-filled pods? It's time to up your vaping game with the Just Fog Mini Fit. This is one of the smallest refillable pod systems in the market, but its performance is more than a match for much larger vaping devices. You won't believe how tiny the Just Fog Mini Fit is, but with its built-in 370 mAh battery and 1.5 ml refillable pod, it essentially has the battery life and e-liquid storage of two JUULs in a single device!

Tiny Pod System With Impressive Power

The Just Fog Mini Fit is amazingly small -- it's about the size of your thumb. Despite the tiny size, though, this device produces some truly impressive vapour clouds thanks to the manual fire button. A vaping device with automatic firing -- like the JUUL -- always introduces a slight delay before it begins to produce vapour. With the Mini Fit, you can hold the fire button before you begin inhaling for up to double the cloud production.

The fire button on the Just Fog Mini Fit doubles as a power button. You can turn the device off to prevent accidental activation when you're carrying the Mini Fit in your pocket. Use the included micro USB cable to connect the Mini Fit to your computer when it's time to charge the battery. The device uses built-in LEDs to indicate the battery's remaining charge level.

Industry-Leading Flavour

When you use a pod system with pre-filled pods, you're using a pod with a silica wick. You're going to love what happens when you buy the Just Fog Mini Fit and step up to a pod with an organic cotton wick. This device can really make the flavours of your favourite e-liquids pop! 

Are you looking for a device capable of providing a multimedia vaping experience? The Mini Fit also has a pod available with a ceramic wick that's compatible with thick oils. 

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