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Vivant RIFT Starter Kit

If you’re shopping for a small portable dry herb vaporizer, you know that some brands consistently come out on top in user rankings and professional reviews. There is a third brand, though that’s posed to overtake the rest. You’ve read about how other small vapes are difficult to clean. You’ve also seen some rumblings about how the more expensive brands in the vaping industry don’t really offer anything unique even though they cost so much more than the rest. Well, the Vivant Rift is out to change all of that, and the folks at PAX Labs and DaVinci had better start watching their backs. We think that many of the people shopping for advanced vaporizers in 2020 are going to choose this device.

The Vaping Industry’s Most Unique Conduction Heater

The feature that really makes the Vivant Rift stand out from the pack is the triple-chamber conduction oven that’s unlike anything else you’ll find in the vaping industry. With three chambers, you’ve got a world of vaping possibilities open to you. You can fill the chambers with three different strains of your favourite herb. You can even vape three different types of herbs simultaneously. With the extremely efficient heating, you can avoid grinding your herbs if you don’t feel like doing the work. Just break the herbs up with your fingers and press them into the oven’s sections. Another completely unique feature of the Vivant Rift is the fact that you can remove the entire oven from the device if you like. Do you hate struggling to clean your vaporizer’s oven with cotton swabs? With the Vivant Rift, that’s no longer necessary; just soak the entire oven in isopropyl alcohol, and the residue simply rinses away.

Fully Optimized Airflow

One of the biggest problems with many conduction vaporizers is the fact that they sometimes produce vapour that’s uncomfortably hot – especially when they’re as powerful as the Vivant Rift. This device has an oven that heats up in just 10 seconds, but the vapour always remains cool and comfortable. That’s because air circulates through the entire device before reaching the oven. If you want to cool things down even further, this device attaches easily to most water pipes.

Features and Specs

  • For Dry Herb, Concentrate, and Oil

  • Tri-Bowl Design

  • LED Screen Displaying 3 Different Modes

  • No Grinding Required; Break Off And Press In

  • On-Demand Turbo Heat Technology

  • Delivers A Powerful 80W

  • Heats Under 10 Seconds

  • Heat Recycling Technology

  • Utilizes Convection And Conduction Heat

  • Mix Different Materials In One Session

  • Magnetic Mouthpiece

  • Removable Chamber Makes It Easy To Clean

  • Upgradeable Firmware


Package Contents

  • 1x Vivant Rift

  • 1x Cleaning Brush

  • 1x USB Cable

  • 3x Stainless Steel Concentrate Pad

  • 1x Key Chain Tool

  • 1x User Manual

  • Spare Parts

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