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Get paid to help your friends quit smoking!

by All About Self Employment Collaborator October 21, 2019 2 min read

Save Lives and Get Paid

Refer a friend to ill! HQ and you both get $10.00

We're quitters, and we think you should be to! When it comes to smoking anyways. We want to help you, help your friends and family quit smoking....and we want to pay you both in the process. Sound good? Keep reading.


When you join our ill! Rewards program and become an ill! Insider you get the opportunity to earn all kinds of ill! stuff. One of the ill!est things you can earn is CASH (who doesn't love cash).


If there is one thing we love (almost) as much as helping people kick the habit, it's hooking up our customers. That's why whenever you refer someone to us who makes a purchase and signs up to the ill! Rewards program, you both get $10.00 in store credit added to the wallet on your account. This store credit can be used on any item in the store, not only saving your lungs, but saving you money. 


To make sure you get your referral cash when someone signs up, we have referral cards available. You simply write your full name on the back (the name on your account) and hand out the cards to anybody who wants to quit. Every person who brings one earns $10.00 for both of you, it's that simple.

The only thing we require is that your cart total is double the amount you want to spend in store credit. So if you're spending the whole $10.00, your cart total must be $20.00 or more before tax. As much as we would love to just give things away for free, we probably wouldn't last long if we did. That's a terrible business model right?


Anyways, quit reading this blog and go earn some cash by referring your friends and family to ill! HQ. Feel free to send us strangers too if you're the social type.





All About Self Employment Collaborator
All About Self Employment Collaborator

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